MOSS Snowstick

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    Wingpin 175

    Wing, Pintail and Longboard all in one, plus some. A softer flex in the longer length with the addition of the wings, allows for the board to be very maneuverable. A shorter effective edge and narrower waist allows for a surprisingly nimble ride, feeling much shorter than its overall 175 length. The rockered nose and wing-tail make for easy turn initiation and transition.

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    Performance Quad 54v

    Surf inspired from the base up. The base of this board is designed with surfboard shaping in mind. The convex nose allows for a smooth, fast ride, while producing that desired surfy, buttery float. The double concave tail creates a wet snow vacuum release; reducing drag which in turn creates more speed.

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    Swallowtail 50

    It's not just a powder board. Yes, the shape of the Swallowtail was originally intended for powder, but Moss's swallowtail has been designed to surf the entire mountain in all conditions. Further forward stance options and a longer effective edge, gives the board a feel similar to a traditional snowboard.